About Peter Clancy (the main character)

Peter Clancy - Investigative Journo - Main charcter in T.W Lawless Books

About me

The best investigative journo in the world

I'm a humble, laid back man but I'm also the best investigative journalist in the world. Enough said.

What's my angle?

I can't stand injustice, inhumanity, corruption, most politicians, bad coffee, lukewarm beer and the Carlton football club. Collingwood forever. Like me, they're the best in the game.

I won't stop until the story is published. Give it your best shot if you going to try and shut me down because you're going to lose. I'll be coming after you like a hungry crocodile.You can assault or threaten me but I'll destroy you in print and get you thrown in the big house if that's required.

Get to know me more

If you want to know more about me, read the T.W. Lawless books. I'm his main character if you haven't figured that out by now. Lawless made his reputation off my back and made himself a few quid to boot.

In fact, that reminds me, he owes me some royalty money. You know, it's not easy running this villa in Majorca, Spain. All the overhead costs can be expensive especially the entertainment.

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See you later admirers.




TW Lawless

Crime & Thriller Writer
So far, Lawless has published five Peter Clancy novels. He also co-wrote a thriller with his wife, Kay Bell, set during World War Two.

The latest Peter Clancy, Beachdaze, is in pre-release and will be officially published on February 28th.

When Lawless is not writing or thinking about writing; he likes to dine out, dabble in genealogy and play guitar. Lawless divides his time between the Central Coast, New South Wales and Melbourne.
Furey's War by T.W. Lawless and Kay Bell
Homecountry by T.W. Lawless - Book 1 in the Peter Clancy Series
Thornydevils by T.W. Lawless - Book 2 in the Peter Clancy Series
Blurline by T.W. Lawless - Book 3 in the Peter Clancy Series
Dark Water by T.W. Lawless - Book 4 in the Peter Clancy Series
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