Flamekeeper - 5th Book in the Peter Clancy series by T.W. Lawless


By T.W. Lawless

After a heart-attack in London Peter Clancy moves to Serenity Bay for the quiet life.  When the local authorities  show no interest in a series of crimes and unexplained deaths, Peter can't help investigating. The perennially energetic journalist is on the hunt again.

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He’d had been given enough warnings. He simply didn’t expect it to happen quite this soon.

Only a heart attack could make Peter Clancy leave his beloved London and the excitement of his work as an investigative journalist. He moves to a quiet coastal town in Victoria, the perfect place to write a new book while avoiding all bad influences.

Serenity Bay turns out to be anything but quiet—the neighbours are noisy or nosy, getting under his skin or into his pants. Not even a surprise reunion with an old friend can turn this nightmare into the peaceful retreat Peter was seeking, intent as she is on reuniting him with at least one bad influence.

Of course, Peter doesn’t need much persuasion to resume his vices—old habits die hard, and before long Peter is poking his nose into the affairs (in all senses) of not only his neighbours but the local council, property developers and even aged-care proprietors. But with the authorities showing no interest in investigating reports by concerned citizens of illegal dumping, vandalism, break-ins and threats—not even after a number of sudden and unexplained deaths—who else can they turn to, but Peter the Perennially Energetic Journalist?

ISBN: 9780645099102 ( paperback) 9780645099119 ( ebook)
Publisher: Campanile Publishing P/L
Publish Date: February 28, 2023
Page Count: 336
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