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ThornyDevils by T.W. Lawless
In the nineteen- eighties, Melbourne is a city of three million and thanks to emigration largely from Italy and Greece, Melbourne is dusting off its drabness. In time Melbourne will be called the sporting and cultural capital of Australia.

But Melbourne is having severe growing pains, thanks to a wave of crime unknown in its history. Four incidents throughout that decade will change the face of Melbourne forever.

  • 1985- The Russell Street Police Headquarters Bombing. A female police constable is killed.
  • August 1987- The Hoddle Street Massacre. A deranged gunman kills seven and wounds nineteen.
  • December 1987- The Queen Street Massacre. Another deranged gunman kills eight and wounds five.
  • October 1988- The Walsh Street Shooting. Two constables are ambushed and brutally murdered.
By nineteen eighty- nine, Bob Connolly, editor of the Truth, is well aware that people are more interested in the crime wave sweeping their city than sex scandals. The circulation figures are in free fall. In a bold move, Bob will introduce a crime column to the paper. In a bolder move, Bob will appoint Peter Clancy as its first crime reporter. 
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