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Blurline is the third book in the Peter Clancy series by TW Lawless. Set in London Peter Clancy digs up the dirt on Olivia Michaels, a drug-and-alcohol induced celebrity. He soon finds himself deep in mud as he exposes the ugly secrets that stretch across the entertainment world.

Blurline is TW Lawless at his best. Can Peter Clancy continue to survive in the world of scandalous journalism? Can he succeed in his mission to blow the lid off Britain’s darkest secrets?

Within Blurline TW Lawless touches on a topic that is raw within our media and the celebrity world. Although topical he shows awareness of the fact that this may be a little close to home for some, addressing a scandalous issue with softness and compassion whilst maintaining a read that entertains and relates. The topic of pedophilia has never been as reachable as it is in Blurline. At no time whilst reading Blurline did I feel it was a fictional book of controversy, instead I was caught up in the pages eager to find out what Peter Clancy uncovered next.

TW Lawless does not miss a beat from one book to the other. Blurline carries the characters from Homecountry and Thornydevils nicely, introducing new characters that only compliment. Peter Clancy takes a piece of Australia to London as he maintains his lovable larrikin ways, fitting nicely into the UK setting.

It is hard to do Blurline justice as TW Lawless yet again leaves me on a high note wanting more. He shows that he only grows in strength from book to book. Prior to reading Blurline I was asked to read and review Gun Control by Peter Corris, who is labeled as “The godfather of Australian Crime Fiction.’ Unfortunately, after reading TW Lawless, Peter Corris was a flat read. He lacked the strength in his characters and the thrill and chase that TW Lawless provides. Peter Corris tells a crime story, TW Lawless takes you on the journey. Cliff Hardy tells you what is happening, Peter Clancy takes you with him and shows you one hell of a good time. From a woman’s perspective Peter Corris lacked the love and romance that TW Lawless provides, leaving a more manly read. TW Lawless provides his female readers with Peter Clancy, a male character that easily gets the hormones racing and cupid’s arrow flying. He is a womaniser with a cunningness that you cannot help falling in love with, leading you feeling you could be that one woman who hooks him in and holds him forever.

Blurline has it all - crime, scandal, conflict, drugs, alcohol, love, sex and humour. Just the right mixture of the lot to make this a number one seller. It provides a light hearted read full of adventure, strength and character. As a fictional character Peter Clancy uses his wit and charisma to twirl you around and spit you out, leaving you wanting more. You can’t help but love him whilst wondering how one man can continue to get caught up in the underworld, putting himself at risk. Come on Peter, surely you have learnt your lesson by now? But then men like Peter Clancy never learn. The thrill of a chase, the dirt of others and a salacious life is what drives them forward.

I wait with anticipation and craving for the next book in the Peter Clancy series by TW Lawless.



TW Lawless

Crime & Thriller Writer
So far, Lawless has published five Peter Clancy novels. He also co-wrote a thriller with his wife, Kay Bell, set during World War Two.

The latest Peter Clancy, Beachdaze, is in pre-release and will be officially published on February 28th.

When Lawless is not writing or thinking about writing; he likes to dine out, dabble in genealogy and play guitar. Lawless divides his time between the Central Coast, New South Wales and Melbourne.
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