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  • Dark Water

    'I enjoyed the characters that will lead the reader into the next book in this series. However, the novel stands on its own. It is straightforward prose with Aussie humor and 'Way of life' examples.' - Roy Murry Reviews.
    'Get your thinking cap ready and make sure you don't have any pets that can make sudden noises while reading, this one may make you a bit jumpy. 
    I really enjoyed the individuality Lawless brought to this novel. It manages to set itself apart from other Mystery novels I've read recently.' - Bailey Ember Reviews.
    'This is mystery as black humour, at its best: a thrilling ride through the Australian outback, full of tongue-in-cheek references, a bit of romance (where would Pete be without his love-interest?) and a lot of blood-curdling action. It's topical, satirical, biting. TW Lawless is unapologetically unique, and that's part of his allure for me. All in all, a fun ride.' - A Most Avid Reader.
  • Flamekeeper

    "Typical of TW Lawless, it&'s a no-holds-barred, well-crafted thriller, full of riveting characters and sassy dialogue. He weaves his own brand of irreverent humor through the book, making it a rollicking ride." - A most avid reader.
    "This novel is entertaining and keeps the reader connected. Everything I look for in a good read, page turner." – Roy Murry Reviews ( Vine Voice )
    "The plot is gripping, and you'll get trapped in the story. A really attractive book." – Clau ( Vine Voice)
    "I found this readable tale's mix of story and action well balanced and fast paced. I recommend this one and look forward to catching up with previous books in the series." – David Morgan Reviews.
  • Reviews of Blurline

















    'A real page turner.' - Australian Crime Fiction. 2015.

    'Another entertaining, fast-paced thriller.' - Blue Wolf Reviews.

  • Reviews of Homecountry

    Homecountry by T.W. Lawless

    'Homecountry is as droll, sarcastic, funny and boozed up as the outback it's set in. An enjoyable read that features realistic, classic Australian characters'. Australian Penthouse. May 2013.

    'Peter Clancy is an amalgam of characters from crime fiction and film noir - a world weary type'. Sydney Telegraph. May 2013. ​

  • Reviews of ThornyDevils

    ThornyDevils by T.W. Lawless

    "Peter Clancy is an amalgam of characters from crime fiction and film noir - a world weary type." - Sydney Telegraph.

    "Very definitely earning a place in the genre of murder- mystery writing."  - Blue Wolf Reviews.

    "If you are seeking a true Australian author who throws it all on the table then you cannot go past T.W.Lawless." - Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist.

    "The ability to deliver adistinctive urban Australian atmosphere is a strong point for Australian crime writer, T.W.Lawless.' - Write Note Reviews.

    "T.W.Lawless comes out swinging with his second thriller about a crusading journalist." - Courier Mail.

    "Thornydevils is a sexy, action-packed romp featuring larrikin and hard-living journalist, Peter Clancy." - Kathryn White Book Blog. 

    "The plot is complex without being complicated. It feels right that an investigative journalist would stumble into this scenario. It feels right that he'd be hanging around with drag-queens and barking mad cameramen. It feels right that he'd be drinking in The Tote. It even feels right that two mates from Queensland have to get out of that state and hide out at Clancy's - just in time to leap into the action." - Australian Crime Fiction.