Serenity and inspiration by the sea.

It’s another beautiful morning here, which has inspired me to share my hometown with you.

I’m very lucky. You probably know that I live in Australia, but I'm not sure if you know that I live in one of the most glorious places in Australia—the Central Coast of New South Wales.

The Central Coast is blessed with golden beaches (forty-nine of them, in fact) and a vast national park that hugs the coast. Bush and beach together—to me, that's a win-win. It's a wonderful place to walk and explore, but you would never guess that the vast city of Sydney is only an hour and a bit away. And if you're into wine, a world-renowned wine region is just an hour’s drive in the other direction.

It's a wonder I get any writing done when there's so much going on. Walking on the sand or along the coastal paths inspires me. It’s there that I take time to think about a work in progress or contemplate a future idea for a book.

In fact, it was during one of my morning walks that the idea for a crime thriller set in an Australian beach town came to mind. In case you’re wondering, the only thing that this fictional town has in common with the Central Coast is its beauty.

This fictional town may seem ideal, serene and scenic, but just scratch the surface, and you’ll find it’s something very different.

If you're wondering when this book will be released? It will be in early 2023.

Talk soon.





TW Lawless

Crime & Thriller Writer
So far, Lawless has published five Peter Clancy novels. He also co-wrote a thriller with his wife, Kay Bell, set during World War Two.

The latest Peter Clancy, Beachdaze, is in pre-release and will be officially published on February 28th.

When Lawless is not writing or thinking about writing; he likes to dine out, dabble in genealogy and play guitar. Lawless divides his time between the Central Coast, New South Wales and Melbourne.
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