You can trust an investigative journalist.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance - George Bernard Shaw.

As my character Peter Clancy would say, at least he lives in reality and does diligent research when doing his investigative stories.
And again to quote Peter Clancy, an investigative reporter must not be afraid to apply a blowtorch to oppression and corruption.

In my next Peter Clancy book, his investigative reporting skills will be tested to the max as he battles corruption, fake news and the underworld.

Stay tuned.



TW Lawless

Crime & Thriller Writer
So far, Lawless has published five Peter Clancy novels. He is currently working on a thriller set during World War Two. It will be his first book not featuring Peter Clancy. Of course, there will be another Clancy novel written in 2021.

When Lawless is not writing or thinking about writing; he likes to dine out, dabble in genealogy and play guitar. Lawless divides his time between the Central Coast, New South Wales and Melbourne.
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